I’ve long been a fan of Kai Brach’s Offscreen Magazine. My background in technology journalism gave me a serious appreciation for how the publication approaches the subject. It’s calm, considered and contains a healthy dose of skepticism. When Kai asked me if I could work on a piece for issue 16 of the magazine — effectively of re-launch, with an all-new design and fresh editorial — I was overjoyed!

Offscreen Front and Back Covers

Offscreen Front and Back Covers Offscreen hadn’t featured a profile like this in previous issues, so I was working from a few similar pieces around the web that Kai had sent me. After a while researching Opendesk (Kai had fortunately already been in contact with them and had them on board!), I set up an interview with co-founder Joni Steiner and chatted at length with him about the company and its principles.

After a couple of rounds of edits between Kai, Joni and myself, we had a finished piece! I’m really happy with how it’s come out and it’s always a joy to see the work you’ve done in print. Issue 16 is available to buy on the Offscreen website. If you work in front of a screen, I’d highly reccommend that you pick it up.