New course marketing copy

One of the advantages of having previously worked in-house for a client is that you understand their challenges goals like no-one else. It’s one of the things I enjoy the most about working with Arts University Bournemouth (AUB). When they asked me to help with marketing their new courses earlier on this year, I knew exactly what to do.

What was the brief?

AUB had a number of new courses to bring to market in time for the next major recruitment cycle. Information on these new courses, which were still in the development stage, was limited. They also had print deadlines to meet for their new marketing collateral.

My job was to take the documents that detailed how these new courses would be taught and turn them into engaging and compelling marketing copy, to be used both online and in print.

BA (Hons) Creative Writing copy in the new AUB course brochure

“Writers rarely work alone, so you’ll have the chance to collaborate with other courses. You might write scripts with Animation and Film Production, or explore narratives with Illustration.”

What did I do?

Having already worked on copy for a number of AUB’s courses in the past — I already had a style and structure in place that I knew I could follow. My challenge was teasing the interesting details and information out of documents that were designed to be read by academics and university staff, not prospective students.

Using a combination of client-supplied source material, competitor research and my own extensive knowledge of arts education and the HE sector, I wrote four new, inspiring course overviews for AUB’s new courses.

BA (Hons) Drawing Course Copy on the AUB website

“Through practical workshops, lectures and briefs, you’ll explore the close relationship between drawing and thinking. You’ll develop your skills in both traditional and digital drawing, studying everything from museum and gallery collections, to architecture and landscapes.”

What was the result?

The new course overviews were delivered on time and to spec. After a round of revisions, they were signed off by both AUB’s marketing team and the academics involved in developing the new courses.

The copy now lives on both AUB’s website and in all new marketing materials produced for the next round of recruitment.

BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Marketing course copy on the AUB website

“Behind every great fashion house is a team of top communicators. Marketing, branding, PR, styling and trend prediction fuels the £26 billion British fashion industry. Our new BA (Hons) Fashion Communication course will help you become a part of it.”

See the copy live on AUB’s website: BA (Hons) Creative Writing, BA (Hons) Drawing, BA (Hons) Fashion Communications and Marketing.