Clearthinking Campaign

Before I went freelance, I was working within the award-winning Marketing team at Arts University Bournemouth (AUB). This is where I got to dip my toes into the world of copywriting within HE and work closely with the talented team at Bond & Coyne. This brief — tackling the awkward issue of Clearing — was one of my favourites to work on with them.

Front cover of the Clearthinking z-card

What was the brief?

AUB were relatively new to the world of Clearing, but a changing marketplace meant that they were now faced with the issue of presenting their offer through the Clearing process, as well as the regular recruitment cycle.

The Marketing department at AUB are known for doing things differently and Clearing was no exception. Rather than engage in the fire sale tactics that institutions with larger recruitment targets might have to resort to, they wanted to take a different and more positive approach.

Opened up Clearthinking z-card

What did I do?

The brilliant folk at Bond & Coyne had done a lot of the legwork, here. They’d come up with ‘Clearthinking’ — turning the concept of Clearing into one that signalled clarity and calm in what’s otherwise an extremely chaotic process for prospects, parents, schools and universities. Take a look at their website to see their brilliant thinking behind this.

My job was to add the words to this idea — be it through print, online advertising, direct mail campaigns, and just about any other channel that AUB’s Clearing strategy dictated. As a base to all of this, I wrote AUB’s ‘Clearthinking Guide to Clearing’ — a step-by-step guide to the process that students had to go through if they found out they were in Clearing.

Intro text to the Clearthinking z-card

The language here was key — reassuring, straightforward and empowering. My approach reminded students, who might be feeling let down by their results, that Clearing is an opportunity for them to take a new path and change their lives for the better.

What was the reaction?

My Clearthinking Guide to Clearing resonated with the teams at AUB and Bond & Coyne. It became the basis for a simple z-card that was sent out as part of a direct mail campaign to schools and colleges ahead of A Level results day. It was also turned into an animated video which has been viewed well over 6,000 times across YouTube and Facebook.

Most importantly, though, AUB were able to comfortably meet their Clearing targets and have strong and flexible campaign that’s both re-usable and unique.